Meet the Researchers

Tess and Stuart are two young people from Dumfries and Galloway who took the time to interview our incredible contributors. A big thank you to Tess and Stuart for the hard work they put in.

Tess is a 24 year old who grew up in Dumfries and Galloway, however she has spent some time away from the area in recent years. Carrying out this research and exploring Dumfries & Galloway along the way has really helped her to connect with the region and the community again. She is a history graduate, however she also has a strong interest in the arts, so being part of a project that brings these two elements together has been a really interesting process. She definitely feels inspired to explore some more of the region’s history and pursue some more creative, community focused projects.

Stuart Mackenzie Gray is a 22 year old Politics and Social Policy graduate from Castle Douglas. In his free time, he enjoys walking in the Galloway hills, writing and researching history and current affairs, with an aim to become a political journalist in future.


We hope that this archive will become a piece of living history that continues to hold the community’s stories for the next 20 years and beyond. If you would like to submit anything to the archive, please email [email protected]